VH Team: Meet Ali

VH GIRL SPOTLIGHT!!!!!!! Meet Ali!!!!! 

10 things about Ali! 💝✨💞 She sent us 9 things about her so we’re going to add the 10th…..Ali is a total babe, and her confidence and generosity is infectious and encouraging!!!!! She truly makes you want to be a better person just by being around her. 👑

1. I left an almost decade career in marketing to raise my babies and am now basically finding myself again.
2. I have two daughters, 3 and 5. Three dogs and two cats.
3. I cherish my alone time. (Closet introvert)
4. I love to cook and try out new recipes. Hate to bake.
5. I struggle with serious anxiety on a daily basis.
6. I’m a bit of a shoe and purse fanatic.
7. Traveling is my favorite sport but I’ve been on the “IL” since having two kids and the whole Covid thing.
8. My family, extended and all, are my most cherished relationships.
9. I love making other women feel comfortable in their own body because it took me so long to feel comfortable in my own.

We love you Ali and seriously so grateful to have your talent on the VH team!!!!!!!!!!

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