Taylor Swift 🫶🏻 The Eras Tour Recap

If you live anywhere near Houston, you know this past weekend was all about the Swifties. AND IT WAS EPIC! Elise was already a TS fan, and it wasn't that I wasn't one, but when Lover came out, it spoke to us both so much at that time in our lives, and we pretty much became forever fans at that point!! Elise and I had committed to each other that we would be at her next concert no matter the price or time, and Taylor Swift delivered an incredible show and a whole experience we will never forget. 

The show was spectacular. Theatrical, incredible details, and so much talent. BUT THE VIBE!!! That's what I'm here to talk about. Except for a tiny bathroom debacle that may have involved paying someone to cut in the men's line because I (Katie) was literally about to pee in public if I had to wait any longer, it was literally the most fantastic 70,000 people to ever be crowded in with. And I hear this vibe was the same at all 3 nights. 

I'm all but convinced it comes down to one thing. POWER. And yes, I'm talking about girl power. Mind you, girl power with a heavy dose of compassion and sequins. Can you just feel that?!?! I never want to let it go. Everyone was complimenting everyone else's outfits. I never once got shoved or pushed like I typically do in massive crowds because everyone was truly there to celebrate this common force that brought us together and that promotes girl power, human kindness, and authenticity...and that force is Taylor. We danced and sang our hearts out and celebrated the whole damn time. It was magical. And that isn't even an exaggeration. 

Best moment ever for me and for Elise was hands down watching Taylor perform The Man. Every lyric is so accurate and I've only experienced discrimination on a small level. I can't imagine the amount at Taylor Swift's level. Always being questioned and manipulated about our ability because we are women is incredibly horrible. And it happens to us as business owners all the time. So to sing the lyrics to The Man at the top of our lungs in a sold out stadium was nothing less than powerful. 

Please don't misunderstand me. Us starting to experience the true meaning of girl power doesn't at all mean that I don't love and respect the incredible men in my life. Feminism has come at a later point in our lives than it has for others and that's because I don't think you can even begin to understand it until you've experienced being dismissed or belittled (if not worse, much much worse). There's just no way to really explain it, and I won't waste my breath. If you get it, you get it. It's just a fact. And for one night we got to all experience girl power in a way that will stick with me. I hope I carry the strength and the crazy amount of sparkles into the dark seasons that life inevitably brings our way. 

Thank you Taylor!! We can't wait till the next one! We're all definitely Swifties now, and we will for sure know all the chants next time!! 

🫶🏻 Katie 

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