If The Shoe Fits...

Health is a funny thing. When it's good you truly feel amazing and when you have struggles man it's a struggle.

Have you ever wondered why VH carries a fair amount of shoes? Finding an incredible pair of shoes is a mood booster.

As a woman we have body fluctuations. Brands pick and choose their sizing and what we have found in 6 years of business that sizing is different across the board. There is no consistency in fit. Which can be so discouraging!!

Katie and I both struggle with our weight and disordered eating. There have been times we've been a size 2 and there have been times we have been a size 12. We've been there.

That's why I love shoes. A shoe can completely change the feel of an outfit. It can change how you see yourself. It literally can take you places and give you a new perspective.

That's why we carry shoes of all styles and sizes. If the shoe fits buy it! You never know how it can change your life!



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