Hey Besties! Welcome!

If you're new here welcome to VH! We're Elise (brunette) and Katie (blonde) and you have found our little space on the internet and we are happy you're here! You may have noticed already that we speak in exclamation points. Get used to it as quick as you can because we don't think that'll be changing soon!

VH (Vintage Hope Boutique) is a community that we worked to create of incredible supportive women who live their authentic selves. Life is too hard as it is to pretend to be someone else so we want you to be unapologetically YOU!!!

Truly we have probably seen it all. Trauma? Yep. Depression? Yep yep. Gaining and losing the same 50lbs every year? Us too!!! Marriage hurts, special needs, parenting woes, losing and finding ourselves? Been there, done that, and VH has probably carried a tee that represented it too.

Clothes are a special way for us to connect because they're neutral. They allow us all to be in each other's presence and get to know one another! Let's call shopping the ultimate ice breaker!

We're truly thankful you're here. We hope you stick around and get to know us on socials @shopvhtx or at our brick and mortar in Richmond, TX! 

Love, E +K

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